žvelgiu į tai, kad 4 skirtingi auskarai, spalvotos kojinės lig kelių,

keli kaštonai čiažantys kišenėj ir “Amžinojo lobio“ dvelksmas kambary

susipina akimirksny lengvam ir čia pat išsisklaido.

ir net jei saulės dešimtį dienų jau nemačiau, žinau, kur visad žydi gėlės;

iliuzijos galia – tokia stipriai saldi,

kad net ir užsikimšus nosį aš vis tiek kvėpuoju.


Atsiprašau, kurį kelią man pasirinkti? – Alisa paklausė katino.
O kur tu nori nueiti? – išmintingai paklausė šis.
Nežinau, – suabejojo Alisa.
Tokiu atveju, – atsakė katinas, – visiškai nesvarbu, kuriuo keliu eisi.

štai taip aš jaučiuosi  kažkokie keisti ženklai ar sutapimai; aišku, tik jei pati noriu juos įžvelgti.

vakar ir šiandien – 7 aukštas

viens kelias veda į dešinę, kitas į kairę

I don’t know why

But it’s like I can’t stay quiet
This is my voice
I can’t let it die inside me
See I’ll be scared if there wasn’t a riot

Pushin and pullin, grabbin some hair,
Puking and fuckin up the sidewalk
This battle makes it interestin
I abide desires
Like a dog pissin on the hydrant

Just to spite the fire

It’s not to be taken lightly
The page is a set of eyelids
The booth is an instrument that God created
To record us tryin to find him
But don’t let the word throw you off
Religion and spirit are two different pilots
Just know that it’s bigger than me and my ego
When I’m flyin
Take me higher
I’ve got somethin to pray for
Please leave me when I’m guided
Who said that life is cinema
This is epic, be present

I’m right here
Selfish, selfish, selfish me, yeah, me
Yeah, girlfriend, break-up, new one, one-night stand, cheat, cheat, repeat that
Drug use, clean up, drug use, drug use, clean up, drug use, rehab
Fuck you I suck dude, self-loathing, self-esteem, ego, then me again
Put a soundcheck right in the middle
A never ending quest to try and get fans 
There you have a beginning, a middle and a really shitty end
Nah, give me a break through, can I get a montage, come on I need that
Humble me, give me a conflict, a hardship, let me break through this cement
They’re gonna be so disappointed when they roll the credits in
I realized that my movie sucked and I was the only one that could edit it
Well the course, the chain of events, that would be the evidence, some say it’s coincidence
I say I found something greater than myself and started accepting it
And I can see, feel, taste and smell again
And I’m the only one with the hammer to break this shell I’m in
It’s gonna take me crackin’ this mirror to finally be myself again
Met my potential a long time ago and I’m not stopping til I resemble him

(I got soul but I’m not a soldier…)

by Macklemore

Turn the light off

Are you scared?

Doors are closed

Cannot escape.


It’s not empty

Can’t you see?

Full of dangers

You better believe.


Shut the eyes now

Listen for the sounds

Don’t you know

I won’t let you down.


This is weird place

Stay with me

Living together

Isn’t so easy as it seams 

created on March, 2011

Justinas Marcinkevičius

1930 03 10 – 2011 02 16

Nusijuoksi – nusijuoks gamta

Nusijuoksi – nusijuoks gamta.

Imsi verkti – ir gamta pravirks.

Panorėsi – net žvaigždė – ir ta

Trumpučiu eilėraščiu pavirs.

Bet pažvelgsi į save – tamsu.

Ir tik menkas šviesulys – tenai,

Kur nedrąsiai ištari: esu.

O daugiau ničnieko nežinai…

I give you shock

You give me laugh

And after that

We both get bath

It could also be called Biggest Lies Humans tend to believe. 

Actually  I myself still believe in them more or less. Or I just wanna hope that in some way they might be true. I think they are – it is just a matter of point of view and arguments.

1. The World is Well-Meant/ Well-Wishing/ Benevolent

2. The World is Rational/ Reasoned

3. I am [as any other Human Being] – Estimable/ Venerable/ Respectable/ a Man of Worth

My future according one totally weird Lithuanian numerology book.

Principle of getting to know my future is to make a sum of birth date numbers. So I did that: 1+9+8+5+8+5 and got 36

And here all the fun begins, as number 36 means:

In my next life after reincarnation, I will be a yellow skin woman and will live in territory nowadays known as Australia. [damn, I was dreaming about going to Australia since my childhood – now I can leave it for my next life ;p ]

I will be born in year of 2364 and die in 2511, so I will live a long life – 147 years. The reason of my death will be some terrorist act.

I will work in fishery business: in taking fish and redoing it. I will not achieve much in career or social life, as will be just a simple worker. However, material situation will allow me to travel a lot, also I will have many different hobbies, and I will be often using “entertaining drinks”.

I will get married 3 times and will have 1 child of my own and 2 child clones.

During my life, I will have huge possibilities to achieve much more, but will not use most of them ‘cause of “laziness of my mind” and “having no wish to improve smth to perfection”.

well, what can I say – seems like a “normal“ life ;p

Name days for Natalija are 27th of July and 1st of December.

The origin is Latin, from saying “dies natalis (domini)“ and means “(God) birth day“.

Summarize meaning “birthday,“ or in Church Latin “Christmas day“.

The Greek name Natalia means – “Planted by God“

The name refers also to Christ’s birthday – the Italian phrase for “merry Christmas“ is “buon natale!“, literally “good birthday!“

Finally, according to Urbandictionary: natalija is a Nigerian term of a Palm tree, whitch grows in rainforest.

2018 m. liepos mėn.
Pr A T K Pn Š S
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