My future according one totally weird Lithuanian numerology book.

Principle of getting to know my future is to make a sum of birth date numbers. So I did that: 1+9+8+5+8+5 and got 36

And here all the fun begins, as number 36 means:

In my next life after reincarnation, I will be a yellow skin woman and will live in territory nowadays known as Australia. [damn, I was dreaming about going to Australia since my childhood – now I can leave it for my next life ;p ]

I will be born in year of 2364 and die in 2511, so I will live a long life – 147 years. The reason of my death will be some terrorist act.

I will work in fishery business: in taking fish and redoing it. I will not achieve much in career or social life, as will be just a simple worker. However, material situation will allow me to travel a lot, also I will have many different hobbies, and I will be often using “entertaining drinks”.

I will get married 3 times and will have 1 child of my own and 2 child clones.

During my life, I will have huge possibilities to achieve much more, but will not use most of them ‘cause of “laziness of my mind” and “having no wish to improve smth to perfection”.

well, what can I say – seems like a “normal“ life ;p